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If you want to enjoy fast and efficient moving experience, a well-planned organisation is crucial. Aside from planning all involved activities, calculating costs of transportation is an essential item in moving.

Transportation services are a competitive environment where a service that can be bid on and respective rates of transport companies profoundly influence transport costs.

The choice of a transportation mode becomes important and depends on many factors such as the nature of the goods, the available infrastructures, origins and destinations, technology and respective distances.

It is not uncommon for transport costs to account for about 10% of household’s income for transportation, including the automobile which has a complex cost structure. Depending on a variety of conditions related to infrastructure, geography, energy, administrative barriers and on how goods are carried, costs are grouped in fixed and variable.

Fixed costs include expenses like insurance, property leases, permits and other services. Variable costs include fuel, maintenance, repairs, meals, lodging and other costs incurred on the road. However, the price of a transport service does not only cover the direct costs to the user but also provides time costs and costs related to possible inefficiencies, discomfort and risk.

Some of the most significant conditions that affect transporting costs when moving are:

  1.    Impacts of geography mainly involve distance and accessibility. Distance is commonly the most fundamental condition affecting transport costs. It varies according to the type of transportation mode involved and the efficiency of specific transport routes.
  2.    Many products require packaging, special handling, are bulky or perishable. Depending on the type of product effect on costs can be significant.
  3.    Another condition affecting transport costs is related to economies of scale or the possibilities to apply them because the bigger the quantities transported are, the lower the unit cost.
  4.    Transport activities are large consumers of energy, especially oil. The costs of several transport modes, such as maritime and air transport, are particularly susceptible to fluctuations in energy prices.
  5.    Different ways are characterised by different transport costs since each has its capacity limitations and operational conditions. When two or more modes are competing for the same market, the outcome often results in lower transport costs.

The transport time component is also an important consideration as it is associated with the service factor of transportation. The time component includes the transport time, the order time, the timing, the punctuality and the frequency.

Moving also includes costs of packing boxes and storage.

Location Affordability Index

You would probably pack small items, clothes, dishes, etc. yourself. But, hiring professionals for packaging of furniture and bulky items is efficient. They’ll wrap them in a way that will protect from damaging, humidity and other agents that can affect objects. Consider giving over the packaging of breakables and other valuable things to professionals as well, because they use the latest industry packing methods and moving materials.

The last, but not the least important is storage of furniture and items while moving. You might need room for a short period while moving, but if you are relocating to a smaller apartment, you might as well require storage for a more extended period.

When selecting where to store your belongings, there are many things to consider: location, security, convenience, and size. One of the most crucial considerations, however, is often the price. When you’re using storage for long periods of time, it makes sense to research the best price before filtering your options in-line with your other requirements.

The size of storage is also essential. If you plan to store your yard equipment, a sofa and a chest of drawers than 5×10 foot storage would be enough. Or, if you think of how much things you can place in a warehouse, the self-storage of 10×10 foot can store furniture and the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, including a few large appliances.

Research is also essential when you choose features that storage precisely offers, and what you do or don’t need from your facility. Perhaps you will need 24/7 access to your unit, alarm, CCTV, packing boxes, packing your belongings in a container, or you will focus on some other aspect. Selecting the right provider for your storage ensures that your specific needs are met.

Bear in mind that the more extended period of rental is and the bigger the unit, it will cost less. The same storage unit in the same location is charged higher for the monthly rent while there is a discount for paying 12 months upfront. Paying upfront isn’t always feasible, but it has its benefits, especially if you store your belongings for a longer period.

If you decide to calculate moving costs yourself, prepare all data needed for this multifactorial calculation. The automatic calculation is, however, more comfortable and convenient.

We are developing the cost calculator and it is coming soon on this page!