Packing Boxes

Choosing right size and thickness of packing boxes is essential for packing your goods while moving. Cardboard box industry has been developing their products throughout decades, and today there are many different cardboard boxes with different purposes, and recommendations by manufacturers what type of items are the best to be packed into a particular box.

You’ll need a variety of sizes of boxes to pack all of your belongings. The small moving box is used for packing tapes, videos, books, tools, small appliances and small kitchen items. The medium moving box is used for packing items such as kitchen items, smaller stereo equipment, toys and linens. Linens and other oversized items are supposed to be packed in the large moving box. The extra-large moving box is used for bulky items like comforters and pillows.

There is a perplexing number of sizes and types of moving boxes, but these are the standard sizes recommended by British Association of Removers:

  • Small: 457mm x 330mm x 330mm – for heavy items such as books.
  • Medium: 457mm x 457mm x 499mm – for the majority of your items.
  • Large: 445mm x 445mm x 744mm – for cushions, pillows, and duvets.

There are specially designed boxes for packing fragile items. They have double walled protection and are created to protect and cushion fragile items such as dishes, plates, and glasses and any other items which need to be protected. Bubble wrap is available with this kind of box as additional protection.

There are many other types of dedicated packing boxes on the market, and it is up to you to choose which one suits your needs.

The eternal dilemma is whether to buy used or new cardboard boxes. The choice you make can make your move easy and stresses but the wrong decision can destroy your move day. Our suggestion is to buy new boxes, because, used boxes may not offer the uniformity of strength, or size, which makes for a good packing solution. Also, cardboard can deteriorate over time if stored improperly, for example in damp conditions.

An excellent choice is to purchase new moving boxes. This will ensure that they are of standard sizes and are of good quality. The removal company will perform the volume calculation for your move on based on standard box sizes. Using non-standard boxes may mean that your items won’t fit in the removal van. You hire different sized vans, even the typical campervan should be a good fit to transport your boxed items.

Next thing while choosing boxes is to select the right thickness. The thickness of box determines the strength of the box, and the protection it offers to the contents packed inside. If the cardboard is stiffer, there will be less likelihood of crash damage when being handled, in transit, or when in storage.

Each box has a maximum safe weight that it is designed to hold, for box safety and safety of your belongings, 20kg is the maximum any moving box should weigh. Be sure not to overfill your moving boxes. And finally, when you have packed all your goods, don’t forget to label boxes, because it will make unpacking more comfortable and faster.

Investing in the best moving boxes affordable will be money well spent. There are many suppliers of packing boxes, and if you search on the internet, you will find different prices as well as a sale if you purchase a more significant amount of packing boxes and other packing materials.

After reading our suggestions, we are sure you will make a right choice of boxes you need for moving, so call 0208 576 3498 to order your packing boxes today!

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