Location Affordability Information for Removals

Affordable Moving and Storage

The best way to enjoy your removal experience to another place and make it less stressful is to find the location that suits you need and to calculate costs of removal. If you are moving to another city, there are a lot of things to be planned, starting with choosing your living or business location. You will have to research removals cost, storage cost, packing cost, average rent cost, etc.

Finding a proper place for living or business is a starting point of moving process. If you are moving to a bigger town or a city, prices of an apartment are higher, but you’ll also find higher paid jobs there. Central areas of the city have higher rents than locations on the periphery. Availability of transportation, shops, school or other business offices might be of importance for a decision which area to choose as well.

Price of the apartment or office depends on the size as well as on location. Combination of location and size that suits your needs leads you to the best price affordable. In the following table you can see the comparison of rates for the same size of an apartment in London and Manchester:

Renting in the UK Average monthly cost    (London) Average monthly cost (Manchester)
One bedroom apartment (city centre) £1,686 £709
One bedroom apartment (outside of city centre) £1,180 £501
Three bedrooms family home (city centre) £3,125 £1,180
Three bedrooms family home (outside of city centre) £1,975 £795
Utilities (gas, electric and water for an 85m2 apartment) £143 £129

Another essential thing to keep in mind when searching for a home is whether you want to share accommodation or not. It’s not the same living on your own or with your family, partner or friends. If you’re going to live on your own, you’ll probably give more importance to the location. On the contrary, if you live with your partner and want to expand your family, it’s convenient that you value the space you need so that you won’t be uncomfortable.

Time is an important factor when choosing a location, and getting the most out of it depends on where you live! If you like to hang out with your friends, a small flat in the city centre is your best option. You have everything close to you: bars, restaurants, parks, shops, museums. You can go everywhere on foot or by public transport, and you’ll have more time to share with your close ones. On the other hand, if you prefer to spend more time at home, consider the possibility of a spacious and quiet property.

When we talk about choosing the location, you should consider maintenance and cleaning. Not only the property itself but also the outdoor areas like the garden needs proper maintenance. If it’s too big, you may even need to hire cleaning services to lend you a hand.

Transportation can become an essential factor if you don’t drive a car. The further away from the centre, the more limited will be public transportation. However, if you are a car-owner, leaving your car in the city centre can be difficult sometimes, and you’ll probably have to pay parking space.

All above-listed factors should be well analysed when you are moving to another town, but crime rate, healthcare facilities, education system, climate and culture are features that some of you will consider when choosing a location for living or working. Still, we should not forget transportation, packing and storage costs.

Transportation costs depend on the distance and accessibility, the quantity and size of goods, the type of products, the available infrastructure, etc. The market of transportation companies is a competitive environment where you can bid on the price of the service. Research on the best option for transportation is one of crucial parts of removal planning.

While moving to another town, you might need storage for placing furniture or other belongings. Choosing a right self-storage is also one of the crucial points not only from price aspect but also considering size and location. Research is also essential when you choose features that storage precisely offers, and what you do or don’t need from your facility.

Storage facility near your new location is a better option than one near the old one, as you might need some of the things you laid aside. Availability of storage 24/7 is also recommendable because you can never tell in advance which items you might need in your new home or office. You can also benefit from paying upfront, especially when you know for sure that you will use the storage for a more extended period.

Be sure to prepare all data available before you start calculation because it is a complicated process and many factors are involved. Search through well organised and easy to use an index of affordable locations with transparent prices is comfortable and convenient. We are developing an index just like that for all the locations in the UK for your affordability to live in, and it will be available soon on this page.