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About Brixton

Brixtonis a district of south London, England, within the London Borough of Lambethwith a population 78,536.

With the arrival of the railway in Brixton in the 1870s a building boom set in and Brixton developed into a major shopping centre.

Today, Brixton is mainly residential a multiethnic community with a prominent street market and substantial retail sector. Brixton Market is open every day, selling a range of Afro-Caribbean products and reflects other communities in the local area with Indian and Vietnamese supermarkets and South American butchers amongst the shops and stalls.

Brixton has a significant clubbing and live music scene. Large venues include Brixton Academy, Electric Brixton and Mass at Saint Matthew’s Church. A range of smaller venues such as The Prince Albert, The Prince / DexClub, The Windmill, The Dogstar, Jamm, The Telegraph, Plan B, Hootananny, The 414, The Effra Tavern, Upstairs at the Ritzy and The Grosvenor are a major part of London’s live music scene.

After the riots in 1981 a series of murals were funded by the council. The murals portray nature, politics, community and ideas. The surviving murals include the Brixton Academy Mural showing a mixed group of young people, intended to portray the natural harmony that could be found between children of mixed backgrounds in the local schools.

Brixton Self-Storage: At A Glance

With such a large population living in Brixton, moving in and out, there are numerous self-storages available. Choosing the one that suits your needs should not be a problem. District hoststhree self-storages different in size with many more situated in nearby parts of Greater London. You can use storages for differently sized items: from books and clothes that overcrowd your home, to robust pieces of furniture that need to be laid aside while moving, as well as for short and long term storing of goods.

Does BrixtonMarket affect self-storage prices?

Being a retail and shopping centre with street market open every day, places for warehousing goods in Brixton are highly needed. That is why some storage facilities offer discounts specifically for market sellers. However, only goods that cannot rot can be accepted in self-storages.

Things to see in Brixton

Brixton has a lot of things to offer to visitors and residents: from cultural sites to parks, gardens and places to have fun. Here are just a few places we recommend: Lambeth Town Hall, Ashby’s Mill,Electric Avenue,Brixton Academy, Brixton Synagogue and Saint Matthew’s church. We are sure you will discover many other interesting places, while walking down amazing streets of Brixton.