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About Bolton

Bolton is a town in Greater Manchester in North West England. The town is surrounded by several smaller towns and villages which together form the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton, of which Bolton is the administrative centre. Borough has 283,100 inhabitants, while the town itself has a population of 128,139.

A former mill town, Bolton has been a production centre for textiles, introducing a wool and cotton-weaving tradition.The development of the town largely coincided with the introduction of textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution.

Today, Bolton attracts visitors to its shopping centres, markets, public houses, restaurants and cafes in the town centre as well as to retail parks and leisure facilities. However, the town retains some traditional industries employing people in paper-manufacturing, packaging, textiles, transportation, steel foundries and building materials.

Many cultural institutions such as several theatres including the Octagon and independent groups like Bolton Little Theatre and the Phoenix Theatre Company are present in the town. A new Cultural Quarter, Le Mans Crescent, is home to central library, museum, art gallery, aquarium, magistrates’ court and town hall. Bolton Central Library was one of the earliest public libraries established in the United Kingdom.

Boltonhas diversity of sport activities hosting football club,hockey club, two local cricket leagues, rugby union club, baseball club and American football team.

Bolton Self-Storage: At A Glance

With large population living in Bolton, moving in and out, there are numerous self-storages available. Choosing the one that suits your needs should not be a problem. Town and its surrounding host nine self-storages different in size with two of them located just near towncentre. You can use storages for differently sized items: from books and clothes that overcrowd your home, to robust pieces of furniture that need to be laid aside while moving, as well as for short and long term storing of goods.

Does Bolton student population affect self-storage prices?

Bolton hosts University of Boltonand Bolton Sixth Form College with two campuses. Every year, students move in and out of dorm rooms. However, student budget is limited, and it often doesn’t allow moving furniture, books and other belongings all the way back home.

Keeping things in local self-storage is more convenient, and many students as well as owners of self-storages know that. That is why some storage facilities offer discounts specifically for students to help them afford a storage unit.

Things to see in Bolton

Bolton has a lot of things to offer to visitors and residents: from cultural sites to parks, gardens and places to have fun. Here are just a few places we recommend: Bolton Town Hall, Swan Lane Mills, Smithills Hall, Bolton Parish Church, Le Mans Crescent, Hall i’ th’ Wood,Queen’s ParkandLeverhulme Park.We are sure you will discover many other interesting places, while walking down amazing streets of Bolton.