5 Logical Reasons You Should Hire A Piano Mover

Moving a piano is arguably one of the biggest jobs when it comes to a residential relocation. Even the most formidable force of well-meaning friends and family members discover quickly that this is an overwhelming task when unprepared.

It’s a nice thought; it’s just not reasonable.

It goes without saying: you should work with local or long-distance piano movers when transporting your piano in order to stay clear of any devastating damages. Over the next few sections, we are going to examine several reasons why you should not go it alone.

Reason #1: A Piano Is Unmanageably Heavy

If all of this sounds a little melodramatic, consider this:

A small, upright starts at 400 lbs. and a grand piano can weight up to 1200 lbs. If one assumes that the average piano weighs 800 lbs., that is like trying to move:

  • 2 reindeer
  • 9 toilets
  • 55 bowling balls
  • 80 cats

You get it. Pianos are really heavy. Not only that, they are very delicate. Those teeny tiny parts that could break are very expensive. Extensive damage can render a piano completely useless.

This brings us to our second reason you should hire a professional moving company…

Reason #2: A Piano Is Both A Delicate Instrument and Machine

Pianos are incredibly complex systems. Pianos are exceptionally delicate, and you should only move them outside when they are in the trusted hands of a reputable moving company.

While it’s obvious that a piano is an instrument, you might be wondering how they can be considered a machine. Let’s take a look a some of parts of a piano.

There is/are:

  • a two-part protective lid
  • carefully placed Sostenuto rails
  • a large bridge
  • intricate pedal systems
  • a precisely engineered Hitch pin
  • strings with perfect tension
  • thin, wooden soundboards

And those are only considered to be “basic” components.

Contemporary pianos have about 12,000 elements overall. A car has nearly 30,000. Now that you know how complex a  piano is, perhaps you can start seeing why it’s so important to work with experts when moving your piano.

Reason #3: Controlling Environment Factors

Sudden temperature modifications will rust and bend the wires of your piano. Therefore, you have to worry each time your piano is exposed directly to the elements. It may cause the strings to flex or even snap, which undoubtedly causes pricey repairs;

No one wants that to happen.

Be wary of extreme dryness. Excessive dryness can damage the instrument. Wooden parts are glued together, and excessive dryness can trigger them to come apart, even if they have been glued with utmost care and attention-to-detail.

Reason #4: There Are Several Compounds Which Your Piano Cannot Come in Contact

There are a number of liquids your piano must never touch. Chiefly, water being spilled on it or caustic chemicals that strip, break, and damage your prized possession.

You should also avoid the following items being used in conjunction with transporting a piano or as part of its normal environment Do not use:

  • plastic and vinyl
  • alcohol
  • bleach
  • smoke
  • petroleum products
  • cosmetics

Reason #5: Because You Can’t Hire a “Handyperson” to Do It

And there you have it! Moving a piano is an exceptionally intricate process, with many elements that could go wrong at any time. Not only could your piano be damaged by moving it yourself, it could be damaged by employing the help of the wrong long-distance movers.

You see, you have to work with genuine professionals who understand what moving piano entails. They need to know where the sensitive parts are located, which ones can they disassembled, and which ones are not to be touched anytime.

Hiring a specialist to move your piano will ensure that the whole piano shows up in working order.

Final Thoughts and Considerations

A trustworthy moving company will understand the special care required to move your delicate piano. Instead of approaching the big move like it’s a problem of size and weight, you should seriously consider the added elements when it comes to moving a piano. Working with a piano moving company that has built a strong reputation as a trusted ally is a great place to start.

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