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Location Affordability Portal Version 1
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Housing and transportation costs combine to take up almost half of the average household’s budget. While housing expenditures are usually easy to determine, transportation costs are much less transparent. The Location Affordability Portal seeks to bridge that information gap in order to help consumers, researchers, and policymakers better understand the impact of transportation costs on affordability.

Households and Real Estate Professionals

My Transportation Cost Calculator

My Transportation Cost Calculator generates transportation cost estimates based on user-entered information, providing households, real estate professionals, and housing counselors customized, apples-to-apples comparisons of housing and transportation costs in different communities.

Go to My Transportation Cost Calculator

Planners, Policymakers & Developers

Location Affordability Index

Developers, planners and policymakers can use the Location Affordability Index to make data-driven decisions about local and regional planning and investment. They can also use maps and data tools to help communicate with the public about different development scenarios.

Go to the Location Affordability Index

Data Users

All of the Index data is available for download by researchers, planners, and other users. In addition, the data has now been published as a web service for use by other web sites and app developers.

Go to Data Download page | Go to web service

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